So Crystal and I are going to Coachella. This has been planned for a while now, but I haven't gotten around to speaking about it on here. In fact I guess there are few things I haven't had the opportunity to mention as of late.

The first being that this silly little site celebrated it's one year blogoversary back on February 11th. Congrats to me. But that is of the past. The most significant would be the fact that the shenanigans that take place over here will be merging into the blog of I Heart PeanutButter in the form of a not so hostile takeover as I move out to Worcester County.

So we are doing Coachella and then camping out at Joshua Tree National Park on Monday night and Tuesday night. As A native New Englander I don't know jack shit about deserts and such, but Crystal has a bit of Western camping experience. It should be fun and interesting to say the least. Very excited to take a million pictures. Tony Pierce I will be looking for you @ Coachella.

SIRI stock down to $4.45 today. Ouch. Thank goodnes for RFMD and BMRN. KOPN announces they are going to file financials late. This after me buying more last week. Ugg. Other than that I am looking to flip some DNAG right now in the world of penny stocks.

Bullish on -JSDA, XSNX, FNSR


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rattlesnakes, oh my.