Opening Day and Hope Springs Eternal

Daylight savigs time.

70 degree weather.

Forsythia beginning to bloom, and the perrenials are pushing there hearty heads up through the dirt.

Opening day for the Red Sox today in Arlington, TX. To add further intrigue Roger Clemens hangs out in the Red Sox clubhouse for about an hour prior to the game. Schilling goes seven innings while throwing 95 mph heat on the radar gun. I'm Cuckoo for Coco who made a couple sweet catches in the field. Big Papi kicks off the season with his first homerun. (This is why I traded to make sure he was on my team during the busblog league fantasty draft). And Mike Lowell, who has been the subject of so much negativity on sports radio in Boston finished the last two weeks of spring training hitting .340 knocks a homer out of the park today to shut down the whiner line callers for at least a day.

There is no better way to cure a case of the Monday's than be able to put on the headphones and listen to the Red Sox game on the radio while staring at some Excel spreadsheets.

The weekend was great. Ms. C. and I got to just hang out and bum around while eating buckwheat pancakes, but above and beyond that we were able to get in a bit of tennis. I've got to teach Crystal the details of the game in the coming weeks. Sunday was rather windy and we pretty much just vollyed back and forth a bit. A great way to spend a Sunday morning after pancakes and coffee. Later on in the afternoon we took a hike out at Ross' Cliffs in Connecticut. Like a blogger and buzznetter not worth his salt I left my camera in the car. Two demerits for me!

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Anonymous said...

We will go back and you can take pretty pictures, but it was an amazing day on sunday...sunny and warm.... ;P