Coca Cola Blak Review

I'm a Coke guy, not a Pepsi guy. Always have been. I'm also a coffee guy, so when I first heard about Coca Cola Blak a few months back naturally I was intrigued by the concept and wanted to see what Coke would whip up. Coke latest offerings have been hit or miss, with more miss than hit in my opinion. I am a fan of the new Black Cherry Vanilla though, I will admit to that.

Well it seems that today (or yesterday by the time I finish writing this) was the official US launch of Coca Cola Blak. Well lo and behold what did I see down at the convenience store within work today but some Coca Cola Blak lined up nicely on the shelves. Of course I had to give it a try. One of my first thoughts were, "At least I can review it on the blog"

At $2.29 for 8 ounces the price is a little steep, but I'm sure it will be $1.99 at most convenience stores. Just 45 calories too, not bad at all. I have two complaints, the coffee flavoring isn't powerful enough for my liking. I've read that the French version is stronger and that the US version is more Coke, less coffee. To me is seems like Coca Cola Classic that had some coffee beans dumped in it to steep. The taste of the two blended together was pleasing to my toungue but I would prefer a bit more of a coffee kick to it. The coffee seemed to ride subtley under the soda taste and I feel in a marquee fusion beverage of this type the coffee taste and sensory experience should be a bit more in the forefront. My other gripe is that the 8 ounce bottle is a bit small. Once you start enjoying the drink it is pretty much gone. But I guess that isn't a bad thing if they left me wanting more.

For some reason it seemed this drink would go great with a piece of chocolate. Coca Cola Blak claims to have twice the caffine of a regular 12 ounce Coca Cola Classic, but I will say that I didn't feel any effects from one 8 ounce serving. Overall it was a decent tasting novelty drink that I will try again, but I don't think the staying power is there for this drink. I don't picture it making any great inroads into the energy drink market, but it is a decent change of pace.

I'll rate it 2.5 stars out of 4.

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pphm good call