Halfway between the gutter and the stars

The move continues.

Thank goodness for Rubbermaid. A few totes to my parents attic this weekend. Streamline, space is at a premium. You can only fill your pack with so much. This bedroom/spareroom gets more sparse with each passing day, however it is still in complete disorder. That will all be resolved soon. Cable tv gets turned on @ the new place on Saturday, taking the living room tv up on Friday night. I'll be hooked up and good to go for Saturday afternoon's Red Sox game. $19.95 a month for the first three months, thank you Comcast.

Since I'm talking about baseball, I'm in the busblog Fantasy Baseball league and last night I thought it might be interesting to chronicle some of the goings on with my fantasy team here. At least it will me interesting to me! I've made a couple quick moves, dropping Kevin Youkilis from the hometown team as well as Ronnie Belliard, I'm ok at first base with Big Papi and big boy Dimitri Young so 'Youk could go. I can move Bill Mueller into the 2B spot, and with the 2 drops I picked up Red Sox tradebait Hanley Ramierez who is off to a fast start in Florida because Julio Lugo is hitting the 15 day DL. Also added SP Sergio Mitre who had a nice first outing for the Marlins.

I should file my state taxes this weekend.... Ummm, yeah.

Got to visit with Mom and Dad for a bit this evening. We hung out and watched Survivor, then I hung out with Mom for a while and she got me all up to speed on the family drama and hilarity. Although my family is small there always seems to be a never ending supply of weird stories that make you cringe or sometimes laugh so hard that you have tears in the corner of your eyes. Oh and I had some Oreo's for dinner while I was over there!

Just listening to pretty much all of the Gnarls Barkley tracks on The Hype Machine in anticipation of their first ever live set at Coachella. At Hype Machine you can get a better taste for them as a whole if all you have heard is "Crazy".

Gnarls Barkley mp3s
Gnarls Barkley Myspace

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Anonymous said...

Yes You and Mike will be able to watch the game on Saturday...Make the boys happy.. :)