Whistling Cave Trail/ Upton State Forest

After a hearty breafast of french toast made on the griddle Ms. C and I headed out a few exits down Rt. 495 to get a morning hike under our belts in Upton State Forest. After our Joshua Tree experiences we are all about boulder scrambling and one of Crystal's New England Hiking books indicated some decent boulders along the 3 mile Whistling Cave Trail.

The trail made a nice and somewhat steep decent off of Park Road, but for the most part the hiking is on the easy and even side. The trail was well marked and fairly clear, with the recent rains that we have had some areas of the trail were a bit on the muddy and murky side but that just made it a bit more interesting to walk across some logs or scamper off the beaten path a bit to get by the more swampy areas.

Whistling Cave isn't much to look at, it is nothing more than a couple boulders that are leaning against each other to form a passageway underneath them. Before reaching the cave you encounter a few small brooks with a tiny bit of falling water which is a nice place to stop and rest for a bit. We then hiked back on a wide and well marked Middle Road. All in all a easy but enjoyable 4 to 5 mile round trip through the forest.

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