$2.19 Gas? Limited Time Only!

Before getting back on the highway at the top of the road from my work there is a Sunoco station, a Mobil, a Shell and a Gulf station. Sunoco is always the most expensive, Mobil and Shell are pretty much always the same and the Gulf is usually the cheapest by a couple cents.

Well the Gulf station changed their prices today and there must have been some sort of technical glitch in the system and instead of the premium costing $3.19 it was marked as $2.19. All the signage was correctly marked at $3.19, but the little digital readout on the pump showed the incorrect price of $2.19. Well someone at work noticed this and called to a friend. At this point word of $2.19 premium gas began to spread through the office like wildfire. I promptly jumped in the elevator to go and top up. As I got out of th elevator I can hear these two ladies talking, "$2.19, no way" I said, "That's where I'm heading" I was almost on empty and drove up the street and was totally able to fill my tank with just a tad under 12 gallons of gas for $2.19.

I made it just in the nick of time as the girl who sits across from me went when I got back. At that point word had spread and the line was out to the street. I guess by then the attendant was scratching his head trying to figure out what was up and noticed the error. The pumps were corrected while she waited and there was no cheap gas for her.

When you are commuting over 100 miles a day round trip $2.19 gas sure comes in handy. I need a Honda Insight!

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