Can the Red Sox just play the Orioles every night?

That would certainly make things much easier. Picking Jonathan Papelbon in the 16th round of the busblog fantasy baseball draft sure seems like a steal at this point as he has converted 14 or 14 save opportunities and is sporting an ERA of under .045. Not bad at all. What a shame to click on Yahoo sports and see that the Yankees were able to overcome an early 9-0 deficit in order to beat the Rangers 14-13.

How much did Eva Longoria's people pay Maxim to name her number one on their hot 100 list for the second year in a row? I'm sure she committed to doing another cover and must have pictures of the editorial staff of the magazine in a compromising situation involving farm animals. I mean she is hot and all, but lets get real. And to list Jessica Alba as number 2 behind Longoria seems to tell me that people are confused over at Maxim HQ. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? Cameron Diaz ranking in the top 10 also leads me to believe that Maxim may have forgot that it is 2006, not 2001. Thank goodness they have figured out that Ms. Spears shoud no longer be in the top 100.

While on the subject of celebrities I was looking around technorati earlier and saw some of the Christina Aguilera pictures from the new GQ and those are quite appealing to the eye.

Anyway it is closing in on my bedtime, I've had a cordial cocktail and my sleeping pill is starting to kick in, I guess that is why I am getting all ghey and talking pop culture over here! Don't hold it against me.

As far as the day to day shit goes, all is well on the homefront. Crystal and I are having a grand old time at home, we are totally keeping each other entertained in all kinds of fun and interesting ways. And the five days of rain here in Massachusetts has seemed to come to an end. We actually saw the sun for about an hour at the end of the day today. The trees, grass and flowers will sure be showing off some serious green tones over the next few days.

As the stickman on the t-shirt says, "Life Is Good"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree Carmen Diaz....I wouldn't say she is hot nor would I say she has done anything worth mentioning in the last few years...Oh wait she did "IN her Shoes" and that lasted all but a few weeks in the theater...