4rilla gives a big F.U. to Dunkin Donuts

For some reason the corporate suits over at Dunkin Donuts find the above image offensive to your eyes.

I had listed an auction on Ebay for the Dunkin Donuts Red Sox Fenway Park reloadable gift cards. I was selling the cards for a couple bucks, I figured I could put $5.00 on the card and then sell them on Ebay for $2.00 a pop. The cards are collectible in my opinion and there are plenty of members of Red Sox Nation who may not have a Dunkin Donuts on every corner who would be willing to pony up a buck or two for this Dunkin Donuts card with a picture of Fenway Park and the Red Sox logo. I mean how much more New England can you get than the Red Sox, Fenway Park and Dunkin Donuts.

Well the listing was removed from ebay by Dunkin Donuts as the said that I am violating their intellectual properties and intellectual rights by using the manufacturer's photo or something bearing their corporate logo. Now this strikes me as odd. If you look on ebay there are currently 178 Starbucks gift cards up for auction on ebay. Now I hate Starbucks in a major way, and would go two miles out of my way to pick up a coffee at a Dunkin Donuts rather than set foot in a Starbucks. It baffles me that the pretentious suits over at Starbucks have no problem with people reselling Starbucks giftcards and posting pictures of said cards on ebay featuring the corporate logos and designs of the cards in question on ebay. For some reason Dunkin Donuts finds this verboten.

There are plenty of items on ebay that show a logo, I'm sure the number of items that do so reach into the millions. I paid for the card and it is in my possession, why the heck don't I hold the resale rights to something that I own. Heaven forbid there is a Dunkin Donuts logo appearing on the internet! On ebay of all places!

Purhaps Dunkin Donuts should work with their franchisee's to make sure that they keep the stores adequately staffed. It seems half the morning staff disappears by midday, and with the location of the Dunk's near my work there is a huge rush at lunch as people come in for their afternoon pick me up. Plus this Dunkin Donuts in particular has a Baskin Robbins built into it and now that the weather is warming up there are plenty of people who are coming in for ice cream and shakes. Well it is simple business acumen that would determine that it takes longer to service a customer wanting to purchase an ice cream item of some sort as opposed to a coffee, but there does not seem to be extra staff on duty to quell the backups. Since people are on a luchbreak they are looking for a quick in and out Dunkin Donuts experience rather than a long drawn out Starbucks venti mocha up your ass with a bit of froth deal.

Anyway the fact that Dunkin Donuts pulled my auction pissed me off. So in closing fuck you Dunkin Donuts, fuck you Dunkin Brands. To make matters worse about 4 years ago one of your scummy workers in Fall River, MA took an iced coffee I was buying into the back and SPIT IN IT after I gave her grief about mopping the floor rather than waiting on the customers standing in line. I knew she did something shady and opened the coffee as soon as I got home because I knew that she tampered with it in some way shape or form. To this day I wish that I would have opened it right there at the counter with 4 people standing in line behind me. Then I could have shown everyone in line the big clam that this little bitch spit into my coffee and would have had plenty of witnesses to this horrific deed. I should have then called the police and had the bitch arrested. That would have made some great press that Dunkin Donuts wanted. Instead I will mention it here in my blog for the first time.

And now I feel better!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch of BS to me. Then again, it kind of reminds me of the rampant anti-piracy of the MPAA and RIAA. Are you even allowed to record an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm for your buddy if they don't subscribe to HBO?

PS. Thanks for posting on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll take a cream filled

Anonymous said...

crazy. their donuts arent that good anyhow and they're taking over all of the el stations in chicago, which i do not like at all

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