So I guess this is the weekend roundup. All in all it was a productive weekend as far as getting the apartment in order, taking care of some clutter and tackling the hell that had become the "small room".

On Friday night Crystal and I were taking a qhick run into Target before we went to the gym. However, plans change. We have been without a kitchen table and have been looking for one that would fit our spot, while being cool and funky and not all that cheaply made. Well we found a Thomas O'Brien table at Target that fit the bill. There was one of these beauties all boxed up and sitting in the clearance aisle. So instead of $299.00, this sucker was marked down to a fabulous price of $74.00!! The big old box wouldn't fit in Crystal car, so we had to head back home and grab my car, and I was able to barely wedge the box down inside the back of the hatch and bungee cord it into place. We were too late for the gym, so Crystal headed to the market and did the grocery shopping for the week while I went back to Target. The box was heavy as fuck, but I was able to get it into the house at the landing of the stairs by the time Ms. C got back home. She then helped me roll the big box up the stairs end over end and the table was then out of the box and assembled in about 5 minutes flat. No Ikea put it together yourself here, everthing was assembled, just had to adjust a few pieces and it was good to go.

On Saturday we hit up the Wrenthem Outlets, I have been picking up some Stella McCartney Adidas items at the Adidas outlet in Wrenthem and then reselling them on Ebay for an average of 50% gain. The profits have been able to fill my gas tank twice a week, to get me to and from work. I was able to pick up another pair of warmup pants as well as two tops which I will throw on Ebay tomorrow night. After that we were off to Stoughton as it was the final weekend of Ikea's Summer Sale. Well Ikea during their summer sale might as well just be called I-Chaos. It took about 20 minutes to even get off the road and into the parking garage. Ikea was filled with the usual crowd, gay couples of every shape size and gender, metrosexual guys and their good looking girlfriends, Indian families of 20 and the whitebread couple with Dad looking like a defeated man carrying the newborn in a sling on his back and another 1 or 2 rugrats in tow. Needless to say Ikea was busy as hell, but we treated ourselves to a Cinnamon bun and I downed 2 .50cent hotdogs. We made it out of Ikea unscathed, we picked up two big bare bones wardrobes which were on sale for $55.00 each as well as two chairs to offset the new kitchen table, as well as some odds and ends that always end up in your cart as you make your way through the Ikea marketplace.

We assembled the wardrobes today, it was actually pretty easy as far as Ikea furniture goes, and once we got the first one together the second one was cake! We then rearranged a bunch of clutter that had been contaminating the small room which in turn created some much needed free space. As of right now the apartment is looking sweet, the running around, assembling and b.s. associated with it is worth it as we are decluttered. But it is always a work in progress.

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