One million three hundred eighty thousand minutes

23,000 hours
1,380,000 minutes
82,800,00 seconds
958 days
136 weeks
2.62 years

That is how much new content is coming to Sirius now that Sternie Dukes has the righst to his old material. Another reason to load up on SIRI stock on any weakness and hold for the 2.64 years it would take to play all this material.

So Howard Stern confirmed what we have all known for a couple weeks this morning. Sirius has in fact obtained all his material from KROQ and there is now 20 years of Stern show history which can be aired unedited and uncensored on the Sirius channels. I would hope and expect the 3rd Howard channel to open within 6 to 8 months and that it will broadcast nothing but "best of" material. The fans will demand it.

I've been listening since day 1 in Boston and the fact that all this material will be available is mind boggling. Also tommorow evening is the Artie Roast which will be broadcast live beginning Thursday evening at 6pm EST and then replayed Friday morning. I'll be listening to most of it on Thursday evening and I will probably recap it at some point in the evening. So check back.


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