Beckett gets his Sox rocked in Game 1

Way to fuck up my Monday night Red Sox. At least I didn't have to concentrate on the game. I get to the gym at 6:45 and settle in for an hour of cardio and the start of the Red Sox and Yankees game. The Sox are playing sloppy from the outset and give up that wierd run in the first on a wild pitch, error, nobody covering home combination special. But by the time I am leaving the gym the Sox are up 2-1 in the second.

It is a 15 minute ride home, but rather than listening to the game I'm listening to Stern. No biggie, plenty of game to catch when I get home. Walk in the door and it is 8-2 Yank's through 2 innings and 13-2 after 3 innings. Fuck this shit, pass the Tums as the Yankees will be in first place in the morning and the Sox have David Pauley throwing his second MLB game tomorrow in Yankee Stadium after a shaky outing at Rogers Centre last week.

On a lighter note, below is the link to The Howard Stern Wack Pack Wiki which was mentioned on the show today during Eric the Midget.... um I mean Eric The Actor's call in. It is a pretty comprehensive list of Wack Packers past and present. Walk down memory lane with the bio for Ian The Drunk, he was a favorite caller of my mother and I back in my high school days, the departed Hank The Angry Dwarf and current Wack Packers like the grotesque Jeff The Vomit Guy and Crackhead Bob who had a magnificent 1st Sirius segment just two weeks ago.

Wack Pack Wiki

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