An actual relaxing weekend

This weekend was Relaxing to the max! Thats right, upper case R and everything.
Crystal put the jinx on me yesterday, talking about how neither one of us ever gets sick. Well what happens on Sunday morning? I wake up with a case of the sniffles that has persisted all day long.
Oh well, if that is my biggest problem I really should shut the fuck up.

This weekend was filled with movies, both on DVD and in the theater, some good home cooking, vegging out on the couch in sweats, and some good old fashioned "adult relations". We watched Happy Endings on DVD which was one of the best unheralded indie flicks that I have seen in some time. Maggie Gyllenhaal stole the show, but Lisa Kudrow actually showed some acting chops in this movie. Poor Maggie had to make out with Tom Arnold a bunch, but the story was well crafted and I highly advise you to pick this one up on a future Blockbuster run.

On Saturday we saw Clerks II which did not disappoint at all. If I recall Jay and Silent Bob didn't pull out any snootchie bootchies, but if add Pillow Pants The Pussy Troll the ass to mouth conversations and the erotic inter species act into the mix you get one hilariously fucked up funny comedy. I guess the theaters must be cracking down, because Crystal and I were carded v=before we could enter! How funny!

I've been in sweats and a tshirt all day today, hanging on the couch watching NASCAR, a little baseball and the movie ATL which was pretty decent. I'll be off to work tomorrow with my sniffles, I'll have to watch the weather, if there are beach days this week I might just have to recuperate in the sand and the surf.

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