Fun with LED Throwies

I just found these LED Throwies videos on You Tube! They are super simple to make, and cost under a buck apiece for the LED, the battery and the magnet. Seems like a fun craft and conversation piece to make at your next uber cool and super trendy party.

I would love to make up a batch of them and then go throw them at the train as it passes behind the house. The LED's would chugga chugga up the train tracks of the Central Massachusetts Railroad

Since we are on the subject of LED's I have been watching Color Kinetics (Ticker: CLRK) since the beginning of the year. The stock topped out at $23.55 a share back in May and as of Friday's close is trading at $16.27. There are only 18 million shares outstanding which makes this company pretty attractive IMO. The LED business is in its infancy and Color Kinetics seems to be at the forefront of deploying and managing this technology. Color Kinetics currently has installations at over 10,000 sites including Wynn Las Vegas, Harrah's, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Carnival Cruises, Hard Rock Hotel and on the set of The Wheel of Fortune.


Anonymous said...

almost bought that 2 weeks ago when it came up on form4oracle (insider trading). Had a nice jump and fell back again. but the insiders are hot

4rilla said...

Yeah I've been watching since January or so since I first saw it mentioned on The Motley Fool. The industry sure has plenty of room to grow, low float, and I like investing in Massachusetts companies.