Better than the first pictures of Suri Cruise Holmes Antichrist

I don't have any pics of Suri Surely to be fucked up for life Cruise to break as a 4rilla exclusive. Sorry.

Instead you will all have to settle for some pictures I took while Ms. C. and I were in Martha's Vineyard for a few days over the weekend. My parents were kind enough to let Ms. C. and I intrude on their private vacation time and stay at the house they rented in Chilmark out towards the Gay Head Cliffs. Crystal and I had a nice relaxing few days. One day of shopping in Oak Bluffs, one day of some serious ocean kayaking, battling waves and wind. Thank goodness for the GPS system or who knows where we might have ended up. And one day of relaxing on the sand with a good book, good company and a couple of peanut butter sandwiches. All in all a nice little break from the real world, and the two days off made this workweek fly on by!


Malatron said...

ha. out in the gingerbread neighborhood, eh? Those are nice pics.

Bill German said...

i would love to have seen the belushi grave on MV.