NHIS Bound!!

Crystal and I are off to Loudon, NH tomorrow for the Nextel Cup race at New Hampshire International Speedway. This will be the first NASCAR race that 4rilla checks out in person, so I'm excited. I've paid attention to NASCAR over the past few years, but it has been more or less the past two seasons that I would watch a whole race or have a real rooting interest. And I do enjoy this years EA Sports "Race For The Cup" game on PS2.

I like the fact that you can bring in your own beverage! Why can't you do that at Fenway Park?? That would be money!

Anyway, I'll be rooting for Tony Stewart, Ms. C. will be rooting for Jimmie Johnson. We have a healthy Home Depot vs. Lowe's battle that goes on! I'll take a bunch of pics and be back with my opinions on Sunday evening or Monday!

We had a yardsale this morning that cleared up a bit of the clutter in the house, but we would have liked to more some more stuff out the door. But the money we made paid for all but $10.00 of these NASCAR tix which we scored for face value on craigslist.


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