The New Napster Website and Free Listening To All Tracks

It was all the way back at Coachella that I first saw the news. Banners flying over head proclaimed, "Napster is now free" or something along those lines. Well it is now 3 or so months later and I finally hopped on over to their website for the first time in about a year. For the record I will say that I used their Napster 2 go service for a few months when it first premiered to synch up with my Zen Micro. I also own a small number of shares in the company (tick: NAPS)

But anyway. The "free" interface is easy to get started with and it really is free. You can listen to any track in the Napster library up to 5 times I believe. The song plays in it's entirety, there are a few songs that still have 30 second limits, but it seems to me as if 95% of all the material they have is available. I know that it has been keeping me entertained here this evening and even prompted me to write about it, so it can't be that bad. I'm surfing different genres listening to everything from Armand Van Helden to Mike Doughty to Shaggy. I even came across a live set that Tsar did for napster that I have never heard before. Thanks Tony Pierce!

Seems like it was a decent choice for Napster business wise to do this. The change in policy made me revisit the site for the first time in a while. The fact that you can listen to the whole song and not get cock teased with a 30 second clip really pleases me and I could imagine myself (and others) clicking buy on occasion.

So I guess I am saying that the new napster website is worth a look.


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