20 yards off a busy road

Crystal and I came across an abandoned train tunnel that was part of the Central Massacusetts Railroad. We picked up a GPS unit a few weeks back and today was the first time we tried to use it for geocaching. We didn't find the box as it is down thru this tunnel and it was all muddy as hell and we kinda needed a flashlight.

We did come across about 6 or 8 high school kids who where hanging up there. I think they were doing what highschool kids do, and I'm pretty sure we disturbed their ritual... This tunnel goes right underground in this small patch of woods right off a busy road. I drive by this spot twice a day since I have moved here and never knew the tunnel existed. Pretty cool.

Th above picture shows a bridge that used to span Wachusett Reservior, the tunnel is on the far right. The bridge was torn down in the 70's but the tunnel is still there and accesible to another generation of misspent youth.

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