No work tomorrow!

Did we blow off the gym all weekend? I think we did! Whoops! Oh well, that type of shit happens!

On Saturday Crystal and I headed to nearby Wachusett Mountain for a chili festival and cookoff. All in all a very good time and deal. Tossed back a couple Coors Lights and sampled about a dozen different chili's until we were nice and full and bloated. NOw I ask, what is a wise thing to do in 90 degree heat after having a couple beers and a sizeable amount of chili? Hike to the summitt of the mountain of course!

That is what we were planning to do, we had water, our hiking shoes and an ET travel bug that we picked up in a geocache on Martha's Vineyard. After a sweaty half mile trek to the summit of Wachusett we uncovered the 2000+ cache after about 5 minutes of searching. We tucked ET into the tube, signed the logbook and we were lucky enough to be able to take a Millhouse (from the Simpson's) "In Search of Springfield" travelbug.

After the hike down we rewarded ourselved with some tasty icecream and as a bonus got to spend some quality time feeding some grass to some super duper cute baby goats. Shortly thereafter the night gets tricky as Beth and Mike came over for some evening mayem. Crystal made the bomb ass crab rangoons which we all devoured in no time. In typical Mike fashion he wanted to talk politics and get loaded. Good thing more drinking was done than politics was talked, although there was a fair amount of Israel and Lebanon talk and debate. Mike ran across the street to the packie and got a small bottle of Malibu which was dead in minutes as we all did shots. Salud! Beth broke out some goodies that she had in her "rattler" a la Bubba The Love Sponge and everything was all good. After 4 Sparks, 3 shots of Malibu and a couple of treats from the rattler I was pretty much done for. With that said Crystal and I were a little bleary eyed this morning and it took us a while to get going today.

We made our second attempt to find the geocache hidden nearby the abandoned train tunnel and failed once again. Sort of ended up who the hell knows where and had to find our way back to the road thru some people's back yards. Oh well.

Anyway I've got the day off tomorrow and Ms. C. and I are getting up nice and early and heading to the beach in Newport/Middletown RI. Let's hope for some good waves!!

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