This is why I traded fromBig Papi during the Fantasy Baseball Draft

David Ortiz comes thru with his second game ending walk off in the past three days.

Over the weekend he hits a single to where the shortstop isn't to close out an extra innings game. Tonight he hits a three run jack in the bottom of the 9th to send the Fenway Faithful home happy. Without anything of note taking place in the Red Sox camp over the trading deadline a finish like this is what the Sox needed to put a little something back in their tank. Hopefully 'Tek's knee isn't that serious. Wells got hit hard in 4+, but Kyle Snyder showed some good stuff once again in relief.

But Ortiz is on a tear, hitting the ball like no other, he slipped thru my fingers in this year's fantasy baseball draft and I gave up my 6th round pick in the draft (Jason Schmidt) along with my 1st round pick (Ichiro) in order to make sure Big Papi would be on my squad.

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