The Class on CBS= Worst New Fall Show

Can I please sit through an episode of Big Brother All Stars without having to watch at least three incredibly boring and incessantly long commercials for the new trainwreck of a comedy on CBS "The Class"? Aren't commercials supposed to be getting viewers interested in actually watch the show? The commercials are horrible and I don't think the cast connects with the intended audience at all. This is going to be the biggest prime time comedy flop since NBC's try at the British hit Coupling.

The premise of the whole show seems to be pure bollocks to begin with. You certainly have to suspend your disbelief that one of the main characters is going to pick up the phone to reconnect with his 3rd grade classmates 20 years later. And why choose 3rd grade? Not kindergarten or 5th grade? I might be in the minority but I don't spend my days and nights wondering where my elementary classmates are. But then again maybe that is just me!

Anyway I just wanted to go on the record and state how annoying this commercials are and that this show is going to be Horrible. That is right, with a capital H. The quicker this show gets cancelled the sooner I can stop having to watch the commercials. In fact I might have to get a Tivo just so I can skip over them!

To be fair to CBS I will say that Jericho seems to hold some promise, but I don't know how long they can stretch out the premise, and the new Survivor twist of the tribes will indeed boost ratings to levels that Survivor has not seen in a few years.

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