I Need A Haircut In The Worst Way!

Why does it have to be so difficult to find a new barber, or get a haircut from a new salon? Well, I guess it isn't that hard, pick up the phone and make an appointment or stroll on in to some place that meets your eye.

See I moved about 50 miles away from Attleboro to Clinton, MA back in March/April. Since then I have only gotten my haircut once, and I drove back to Attleboro to get it cut at the barbershop I used to go to there. The trip really isn't that bad, as it isn't all that out of the way considering my ride home from work. For about the first year that I lived in Attleboro I would drive back to Fall River where I lived previously in order to get my hair cut by Donna. The story goes like this, Donna started cutting my hair when I was in the 4th grade. Donna was like 21 or 22 and was fresh out of beauty school or whatever. So I pretty much stayed with Donna from elementary school on, she cut my hair as a bratty youngster and a high school slacker, in my early 20's I would entertain her with crazy stories from my 3 and 4 day weekend benders. Wow, I guess she probably cut my hair for a good 15 years straight.

Then in Attleboro I found a cool 4 chair barbershop and all the guys there would take good care of me. I stopped in there yeasterday after work about 30 minutes before closing time. Only 2 of the 4 guys were working, which is rare, and there was like a 4 person wait. And I'm not the type of guy to wait around and make somebody take me 5 minutes before closing time.

My options are pretty limited here in Clinton, from what I have read online the one barbershop near me was invloved in a big herion and crack bust a few months back. I pulled into the parking lot today after work and it seems pretty sketchy, there were like 8 cars in the lot, but they had all the shades drawn and you couldn't see in at all, so I passed. I went into this one other shop off of Main St. and she said she was booked until next Tuesday.

Crystal does have a cool spot for me to start going to but I haven't taken her up on the offer as of yet. But at this rate I just might. I just take a long hot shower and shaved my face for the first time this week, so now I am feeling a bit more human.

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