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Jim Cramer and the boys over at thestreet.com have latched onto something exciting. Each day James Altucher is now in charge of a new feature called "The Daily Blog Watch". I will say that checking for his post has become one of my morning rituals over the past few weeks since it has been introduced.

Some of my favorites include:

Global Rich List- Type in your annual salary and the website will show you where you rank in the world's population in terms of income. No matter how bad off you think you are, or how shitty your day to day jobs, bills etc. are weighing you down you will see that the view really isn't all that bad from where you are sitting.

I'm still pissed that I wasn't buying shares of yahoo for under $10.00 a share back in 2002, but cnnfn.com recently had a great interview with Terry Semel of yahoo giving his reasons that yahoo is a better play than Google, Ebay, Tribune et al.

Strange baby name pings brought to you by hitwise.

Global Rich List
Yahoo vs. The internets
Baby Names


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Like this link to the streets "The Daily Blog Watch"

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