Shitty Movie Weekend

Saw Step Up this wekeend.

That movie should be labeled as a crime against himanity as it was just horrible, horrible, horrible. Looking at Jenna Dewan's legs for an hour and a half was nowhere near enough to save this movie. The hoodrat demographic of teenagers that were in the house sure seemed to be enjoying it though as they were screaming at the screen and clapping and such as the movie went along. I looked up reviews on Technorati early and so many kids were going on and on about how great a movie this was. Some idiot even called it "the voice of their generation" HA! Give me a break. This movie was a joke. The worst thing I have seen in the theaters since Syriana. And I brought Crystal to Syriana and she brought me to Step Up, so now we are even.

Stay away!

And then last night we watch The Ringer On Demand. That was another hour and a half of nonsense. It had a laugh or two, but that was about it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I never wanted to see the Ringer....even your boys on Sternie Dukes were saying it is not a good movie....But sorry again about Step Up.....sorry