Travelling Art Fair

As you may or may not know, the train passes about 60 yards from our backdoor. There is a train that comes thru each evening a little bit after 10:00pm. I get a bit excited when I can here the whistle a blowing off in the distance. A few seconds after that you begin to feel the faint rumble that builds to a semi noticable hum and a shimmy as the train passes on by. I usually joke to Crystal that I am going out to take pictures of it as the train passes.

Every time the train goes by it is a combination spy mission/art show/Christmas. I run out the backdoor and up an embankment to a small patch of brush with my camera at the ready. It is pretty drak back there, but you can sort of tell where the graffitti is and which cars are more 'bombed up than the rest. The spray paint reflects what light there is a bit differently, and then in the sort of dark I try to snap pics of what I can as the cars go by. I've gone out there the past two night and I have chosen 2 pictures from each night to share above.

I'm going to make an effort to go and snap pics more often, especially while the weather is still nice and post the coolest ones here and on my buzznet page. So stay tuned for more installments of 4rilla captures graffiti as it travels on the Central Massachusetts Railroad.

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