Halfway thru Labor.....

Labor Day weekend that is.

We cancelled out on going camping due to the weather. Still had a productive day as Crystal and I ventured out and checked out a couple lofts in Worcester. I'll keep the talk about that at a minimum as I don't want to jinx anything.

Last night Crystal took me to The Woodstock fair in Woodstock CT. I got to pat some cow's asses, have a piece of fried dough and listen to Joan Jett play in front of the local 4-H club!

And of course since Friday afternoon at 1pm I hvae been trying to shoehorn in as much of The Howard Stern Show All Request Labor Day Weekend on Howard 101. I'm sitting here now listening to "Great Moments In Crackhead Bob History". It has been a good presentation at this point, they have been playing lots of musical highlights, although I will say they have been light on Stuttering John clips. I think that might be a little bit personal as Howard still has a hair across his ass for John going on over to The Tonight Show. But this weekend has been like crack for any hardcore Stern Fan. Right now it is 2:00am and I still want to listen. Right now they are playing the full unedited version of "Wendy The Retard Calls The Power Company".

Pure modern day radio gold!

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