I'm unofficially entering myself into the Howard Stern Football Pool

The Howard Stern Show is once again having an Artie Lange football pool this season, in conjunction with www.betus.net. There is a $25,000 cash prize to the winner and in past seasons Artie has been defeated by the likes of Daniel Carver, a monkey, and a chicken. This year Artie goes head to head with Bigfoot (the newest member of the wack pack), Elegant Elliot Offen and Crazy Alice.

And with that being said I am going to make a pick each week versus the spread given on BetUS and see if I can win the $25K. This week I am going to pick the Seattle Seahawks giving 7 points to The Detroit Lions.

The other picks were:

Artie takes The Arizona Cardinals over the 49'ers
Bigfoot takes The NY Jets over The Tennesse Titans
Crazy Alice takes Cincy over KC
Elegant Elliot takes The Cowboys over The Jaguars

Let the games begin. I'm about to sit down and ride The Silver Bullet Coors Light Train while watching the Patriots kick off the season against the Bills.


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