Crying on the living room floor 20 years ago today

While surfing the internet towards the end of my workday today it came to my attention that tonight was the 20 year anniversary of the ball going thru Bill Buckner's legs. Bill Buckner, the most famous guy I've ever been in a physical confrontation with... But more on that in a few.

No my memory isn't that great these days, for most of that I blame the late 90's, but I will admit that this is a rare moment of early adolesence that I can recall. I was a tender 11 years old and a huge Red Sox fan. My parents were in the middle of some major renovations on the hhouse I grew up in, the roof was pretty much torn off the house as they were raising it/putting on an addition. At that point the upstairs was pretty much unihabitable and the cold October night was separated from the house by some industrial grade tarp. But the temperature was about to get much colder as the game at Shea progressed.

I know that over the past 20 years there have been plenty of buckner apologists. Buckner had a great season up until that fateful night, the fact that Mcnamara left Buckner in the game, Stanley's wild pitch or Gedman's past ball, whichever you choose. But it was plain and simple in my eyes at the age of 11 and it remains just as simple to me today. Routine grounder to 1st, scoop it, step on the bag, jump up and down, Red Sox are World Champs. But it was not to be. So I sat on a fold out bed in a house that was in process of being torn apart and could not believe what I saw unfold before my eyes.

So with that said I guess it was for New Englanders everywhere when I got into a confrontation with Buckner outside of McCoy Stadium. So with today being the 20th anniversary of the game I was mentioned indirectly in an article by Ben Houser today on espn.com and on Sunday evening there is a special "Outide The Lines" edition about Game 6. So I will have to keep my eyes out for that Sunday evening.

I've snipped the 2 paragraphs below from today's espn article. The 18 year old fan being referenced is I. Buckner should get his facts straight regarding the incident as he says he was "coaching for the Red Sox in Pawtucket", in fact at the time he was a hitting instructor for the Syracuse Sky Chiefs and had no affiliation with the Red Sox. And He is right, he did not "punch me out", but he certainly did "grab me by my neck" and proceeded to attempt choke me out in front of a crowd of 50 while giving me a verbal beating!

Taken from espn.com (link below)
What happened? The wrath of Boston fans happened. On a day of celebration for our country, July 4, 1993, Buckner wasn't celebrating. Instead, the then-43-year-old Buckner had a confrontation with an 18-year-old fan, who knew Buckner only as the man who ruined the Red Sox fortunes in '86.

"People would make derogatory comments, and that bothered me," Buckner said. "I was coaching for the Red Sox in Pawtucket. I am signing autographs for all the kids. Then somebody came up to me and made an obnoxious, rude comment. I think it is a combination of being around the Red Sox ... [and] their affiliate ballpark, and just kind of a combination just [set] me off. I got pissed, grabbed the guy around the neck, wanted to punch him out, but I didn't. Thank God for that."

So I have posted below a couple of the articles about my Buckner "incident" a while back, see the links below. (Note: I did replace my real name with "4rilla".

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Unknown said...

dude...What a story! Another one that should get wider local dissemation.

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I've been meaning to post about the market but haven't gotten around to it. Maybe over the weekend.

Trying to decide if I should sell off NAPS before earnings, or hold on for a buyout and a premium. Also liking LWAY as of late.

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