Killers Of Comedy Tour Boston, MA The Roxy

So last night Ms. C. and I went out to The Roxy to see The Killers of Comedy kickoff their U.S. Tour. I think they had the right idea in using Boston as their starting point.

I will say they have come a long way. The last time I saw Rev. Bob Levy and crew was about a year and a half ago when they performed at a Chinese Resturant about 20 miles south of Boston. Well things change, as they kicked off their tour at The Roxy one of Boston's best known hotspots, right in the heart of the Theater District on Tremont St. I hope Richard and Sal didn't spend too much time across the street at the Wang Center!
So to those who say that Stern is no longer relevant or has lost his clout because of the move to satellite I wonder how you would explain the fact that The Killers are embarking on their largest and sure to be most successful tour ever, when most of the promotion is taking place on Sirius??

Anyway on to the show!!

The show was opened up by Brockton's very own Grover, who has been providing The Show with his very own weekly wrap up raps the past few months. He had a rhyme that he put together in honor of the comedy show and then gave the world premiere of this week's wrap up rap. It was a great way to open the show and got the crowd amped up for things to come.

Shuli was the emcee of the night and kicked things off wearing his mustard yellow Howard100 news jacket, before switching it up to his very own "I Hate Ralph" tshirt. I knew that Shuli was working on his comedy skills in Las Vegas before being hired on by the show and he worked the stage and the audience like a seasoned pro. A bunch of good jokes with tons of spot on Elegant Elliot Offen imitations mixed in. RIGHT!!!

Richard Christy always gets cracked on about his stand up not being all that, but he was funnier than I expected. He had a decent 10 minutes worth of material, filled with gay jokes and double entendre about Sal and himself and a nice finisher about Russian Roulette masterbation. Sall The Stockbroker came out and was high energy. I think he was just happy to be away from his wife and kids for the weekend. He had my sides aching as he came out with tons of dirty and straight up racist and non pc jokes. But what else would you expect from Sal Governale? Jim Florentine's set was a bit shaky. He has been better at other events I have seen him at in the past, although he did have some great observations about drunk driving and did some Special Ed from Crank Yankers.

Reverend Bob then sealed the deal and brought the house down, drinking straight vodka and chugging beers while cracking on the one black guy who was standing up front. After that he tried to get these two lesbians onstage to eat each other out to no avail. He did get a hottie onstage for his famed Bleu Cheese dressing bit and then kept his unbelievably comedy coming at everyone in attendance. It was then time for Bob to bring out Beelejuice for the Q&A portion of the night. "Beetlejuice spell RED!" "L-E-S-T-E-R" Classic Bettle, he roamed the stage swearing at everyone and being pretty much utterly unintelligable.

They then announced they had a special guest that they wanted to bring out.... Who could it be? None other than Bigfoot it is! The gentle giant made his way down from Vermont in search of some happy smoke it was and the crowd went crazy at the mere sight of him!!

The best part of the night was yet to come as some of the people over at SternFanNetwork really came together to rent out a private room at The Caprice Lounge which was right next door from The Roxy. We had our own private room upstairs with our own bar. The place was packed to the gills as I got to meet some people from SFN for the first time. It was like Stern Show nirvana hanging out in an intimate environment with the likes of Rev. Bob, Richard Christy, Beetle, High Pitch Eric, Joey Boots and Grover. Tons of drinking going on, everyone taking pictures and having one hell of a time.

If The Killers of Comedy tour hits your area be sure to come out and show your support!!! The show is 4rilla approved!!!

Killers of Comedy
Re. Bob Levy
Shuli's Jew Gone Wild
Jim Florentine
Jolly Dwarf


shabooty said...

good wrap-up it is

xTx said...

nice review! Thanks for sharing! especially for us west coasters who might've been in korea at the time and DIDN'T ALSO GET TO HEAR THE GARY ROAST MUTHERFUCKER!!!!


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