Just saw the Spiderman 3 premiere

Here is the link to watch it on Ifilm.

Looks pretty good to me. I worked in a comic book/baseball card shop for middle school through highschool which was during the time that Todd McFarlane was doing Amazing Spiderman and then Spiderman. I evwn got to talk to him on the phone once and he sent me an original panel of one of the 29 Amazing Spiderman issues that he did, but it was lost during a move way back in the day.

But anyway I have always liked Spidey, even from back in the days when I was just a young tyke. I didn;t even see Spidey 2 in the theaters, but I think Venom was the most interesting of all Spidey villans so I will be seeing this in the theater.

Trailer Link


Anonymous said...

Hum who you seeing this with> the next couple movies I get to pick...lol
I have not been imprssed with the newer Spiderman movies so that is why I never see them...

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