Missed opportunity of an Ebay windfall!!

So a couple weeks back Crystal and I went to a tent sale at the Puma corporate location in Westford, MA. We actually went on the Saturday, but it was pouring rain. The tent sale was cancelled due to weather. So we went back on the Sunday morning after going to the gym. The place was a zoo, the weather was dreary and windy. Cardboard boxes blowing in the breeze.

Most things in stock were pretty picked over. The shoes were pretty much wiped out, and when they would bring out new cases there would be near riots complete with pushing and shoving with people digging into the cartons to get a chance to grab one of eight pair of some random shoe. All that aside there were two styles of golf shoe that were in abundance, one of which is pictured above. This Puma J Lindeberg shoe for $20 a pop ended up being quite the bargin. I should have been more of a gambler and scooped up a bunch of pairs to put up on Ebay. But sneakers take up a fair amount of room and I didn't want to be stuck with a dozen pairs of sneakers hanging around. Especially while we are house shopping.

So I picked up one pair in my size, figured I would see if they were selling on Ebay and either list them or keep them. Well I put them up on Ebay and they ended up selling for $142.50! Not too shabby for a $20.00 purchase! I guess I should have bought 20 pairs! I could have been able to clear about $2K! Fuck me! Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Also sold the Germany track jacket below for $31, cost $10. Not a bad markup. I'll use this money at the craps table this weekend at Mohegan Sun. Nice!

J Lindeberg Golf Shoe
Germany Track Jacket


Unknown said...

youre an ispiration. What about those ps3's eh? selling with ease for 3000!

oh, what coulda been.

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