I like Mondays off!

Happy Presidents Day and all that jazz.

Crystal got a new car! Link below.

Got to sleep in a bit today, Ms. C and I went and had breakfast at Friendly's and went grocery shopping, followed up by a morning of listening to Stern Spotlight Billy West on Howard 100 while Crystal got the curtains up in the living room and I hung the medicine cabinet in the half bath. (Possible pics to follow).

Sirius and XM announce merger agreement. I'll attempt to chime in on that later in the week as I digest some PR's tomorrow. But when all is said and done and if the merger passes through approvals once the deal closes might be a nice to to get into a growing industry. As a Stern fan I would have rather had the XM funeral held outside of Wall St. sometime in the next year. But the fact that SIRI will be the surviving entity and the fact that Mel Karmazin will be CEO of the merged company make it one to keep your eye on.

I've been out of SIRI for about 8 months now after buying in well before Stern signed. I certainly didn't sell at the top and will use the lessons learned in trading SIRI regarding how I may tackle the new company.

Crystal's Car

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Paolo Mastrangelo said...

hey man, did you take that photo or did you nick it from Flickr? I ask cause I was at that show. Were you there too?