Congrats to Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky!

Beth Ostrosky will never have to pose in Sunday newspaper flyers again as she is engaged to the King Of All Media!

Well as a huge Howard Stern fan I certainly picked a bad day to call in to work because of the weather and then climb back under the covers. Crystal and I just got out of bed at 11am, I turn on the computer and head over to Stern Fan Network and come to find out Howard proposed to Beth O last night!

Normally I listen to Howard100 and Howard101 for about 12 hours a day and I miss this blockbuster news! Oh well, thank goodness for replays and the West Coast feed. The show will begin its replay in about 40 minutes and I can't wait to hear how the whole thing plays out. Not that I will torture Crystal by listening to Howard100 all day on Valentine's Day!

I figured it was an only matter of time before Howard would propose and this in fact is pure radio gold. We listened to all the hubub leading up to the recent Bubba The Love Sponge wedding and I know that there will be some great radio surrounding the engagement, preparing for the wedding etc.

And yes, I predict that Beth will get pregnant with the King Of All Media's seed within the next 16 months!


Anonymous said...

You think Beth will get pregnant within the next 16 months - are you saying that we might have an out-of-wedlock child scandal or do you predict a 2007/early 2008 wedding?

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