Pure Food and Wine and Sarma Melngailis as mentioned by The Howard

So while tuned in to The Howard today on Sirius Satellite radio Howard was relaying a story about going out for dinner with two of his daughters last night at Pure Food And Wine located at 54 Irving Place in Manhattan. Howard was going on and on about how cute the owner of the restuarant Sarma Melngailis was, it seemed Howard was quite taken with her. Benjy also said that he had eaten there and said that Sarma seemed to put a spell over him and equated her to being a witch because she was so alluring.

Of couse Howard also said the food was great, although he was certainly having a hard time convincing Artie that tastes of beef and ice cream could be accomplished using raw foods.

But anyway while this banter was going on I'm sitting in front of my computer at work so I did a bit of google searching and I can see why Howard was raving about Sarma. I think Beth O might have to be on her tip toes because Sarma might give her a run for Howard's money!!

I read that Sarma was a graduate of The French Institute of Culinary Arts and also hold degrees from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She spent a few years working in the hedge fund/ investment banking world for Bear Stearns and Bain Capital before opening Pure Food and Wine.

Seems like she would be a great guest for the show as well!

But I found some pics on flickr, a blog that she writes along with a few other cool articles. I am know sharing them with the world. Enjoy

Pure Food And Wine
One Lucky Duck
Sarma on We Like It Raw
Flickr Pics


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