Mohammed Al Fayed On Stern this am

Wow... Mohammed Al Fayed's pone call to Howard Stern this am was pure radio gold! I guess when you have a net worth of over 7 billion dollars you can say whatever you damn well please.

What a guest! He basically claimed that the Royal Family was behind the car crash that killed Princess Diana and his son Dodi. This is no secret, he has made these claims in public for some time now. He says that Diana was pregnant with Dodi's baby and that the Royal's did not want the mother of the future King having children with a Muslim. He also went on to make some of the following statements which I wrote down on a post it note while at work to write about this evening.

Prince Charles is a known bisexual, he was caught in bed with a male aide by Diana, and Chales is a complete idiot.

Camilla Parker Bowles looks like a crocodile and dracula and could be Prince Charle's grandmother.

Prince Philip is a son of a bitch, Hitler in camoflauge, racist, gangster who is still living in the 17th century and a blody fucking German!

If I can find an mp3 sometime I may post it.

45 minutes of the most compelling radio I have heard in a while!

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