New Kitty & New Camera Purchase

Say hello to Peanut Butter... But you can just call him Peanut. He came to us this past week via Crystal's brother, and after hiding from us for the first two hours on Thursday night he has totally adjusted to us and is sitting to my right as I type this. He seems to really enjoy the text appear on the screen as I type. Isn't that right Peanut??

The couple pictures of Peanut above were the first pics O took with my new Canon Powershot S3 IS that I picked up today.

My Canon Powershot A70 started acting up a couple months ago and most of the pictures I had been taking were getting some weird streaking effect on a fair amount of the shots. I wanted to stick with a Canon because the A70 worked well for me over the course of
the past couple years and I was already sort of familiar with their menus and such.

Certainly some beefed up features on this model. I'll have to give the book a good loosie and attempt to make smart use of this new camera.


Anonymous said...

Cute kitty. Congrats on the new house too.

4rilla said...

Thanks Mickey!

Long time no comment!

Hope Attleboro is treating you well!

Anonymous said...

Cant complain. It hasn't changed. While i'm commenting, i have to tell you, I moved to Mass when i was 18 yrs old, i had never been here. I remeber driving from Logan and seeing all the exits from 495 all the high rocks, so different than anything in Calif and it was wicked (ha wicked) dark, Octorber 31st 1986. I was headed to Clinton Mass. I only lived there for about 6 Months and haven't relly been back. Hope its treating you well.

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