Gary Dell'Abate's New CT Crib

**UPDATE 1/29/09**

This post is originally from April of 2007 when I first linked to pics of Gary Dell'Abate's new house pictures from Sound & Vision magazine. Well the house has been completed for a while and as you all know Howard and the gang have spent a whole lot of time over the past two mornings giving Gary a hard time about the setup in his home theater. Howard has been brutally criticizing Bababooey's decision to include a bar and 3 barstools at the back of the room instead of another row of recliners.

The internet has been abuzz looking for pictures of Gary's house and screening room and this post that I wrote over a year and a half ago has received more than 3,500 hits today!! So for your pleasure I have edited this post to include new and updated pics of Gary Dell'Abate's home theater or screening room and the offending barstools!


You may have heard Bababooey mention that he was building a new house over the past 6 months ago. Well someone at SFN just posted a link to this article about Gary, his new house, his tech setup and his collection of vintage radios. They didn't mention is cartoon art collection though!

Anyway it is a pretty big article that I found rather interesting and it includes a slideshow of pics from inside the house.

Gary In Sound & Vision

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