New England Surge Inaugural Game This Saturday

The New England Surge of the Continental Indoor Football league take their 0-2 record into the DCU Center in Worcester for their first home game ever this Saturday evening against the 0-2 NY/NJ Revolution. One thing is for certain, one of these two teams will come away with their first victory.

I've been checking out info regarding the Surge and the CIFL as a whole for the past couple months. This is indeed the second rung of indoor football, under the Arena League and AL2, but there are some players with some serious talent on each team, since the active roster is limited to only 20 players and some players play both side of the ball. Tyler Grogan the son of ex-Patriots QB Steve Grogan has been playing WR for the Surge and caught the first TD in team history.

I bought a 6 tickets to use throughout the season, all the games are at 7pm on Saturday evenings, it is a great way to get out and support the city and downtown and then be able to go out afterwards. It seems the Worcester Sharks have had a decent season attendance wise and are bound for the AHL playoffs. I think the talent level of AHL hockey is probably superior to what the Surge will put on the field, but this is the first year of operation. I have no doubt that a fast paced hard hitting game of arena football can be made entertaining at this level, and that is what the Surge will need to do. Be competitive and be entertaining and the team should be able to put fans in the seats.

DCU center doors open at 6pm on Saturday with the game at 7pm. A block party proceeds the game starting at 4pm.

New England Surge

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