Today's Puma Tent Sale Adventure

So I had the day off from work today with plans to get to the Puma HQ Semi Annual Tent Sale in Westford, MA. I got up to see Crystal off to work, brewed up a pot of coffee and listened to some Bubba The Love Sponge doing his Friday morning spot on Howard 101.

I left Worcester to make it to Westford for the 10am opening with two blue Ikea bags in hand. Showing up at 9:50 I was turned away, apparently 10am to noon was for workers, family and friends. I call bullshit. So I had 2 hours to kill, luckily I had my camera in the car so I shot 10 miles or so up the road to Lowell and took some pictures around the canal district there. It was an awesome springtime day and I must give Lowell some props as I passed half a dozen groups of teens and preteens with paint, brooms and rakes. They were painting fire hydrants and parking meter poles as well as sweeping and raking, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was encouraging to see.

I got back to Puma at 11:45 and the crowds were in full effect. I made one pass thru of nothing but sneakers and then carried everything in the car, which was about a block and a half away. Went back in for round 2 and was able to hit up bags and clothing. Unded up getting a bunch of mens pants and tops from the Neil Barrett 96 hours collection and a fair share of sneakers and boots as well as blazers, shirts, skirts and pants from the Christie Turlington Nuala line and kick ass shoes from Mihara.

By now the checkout line was in full swing, 45 minutes later I was set to go but there was a problem. I was by myself, and had two big boxes, one full of shoes and one full of clothes along with another huge plastic bag fulled with clothes, and my car is a block and a half away. So here I am dragging my shit, bit by bit thru the parking lot. Seemed like it took almost ten minutes to get to the street. This was not that effective.

Luckily there was this 60ish year old Latin lady standing by the curb with a box of stuff. I assumed someone had gone to get the car, I rolled the dice and asked her if she could watch my stuff. She didn't speak any Enhglish, but she made a hand signal that said small pile to little pile is ok. So I thanked her and ran off like a bolt of lightning to the car. I was untrusting $600+ worth of items to a stranger! Somehow in my speedburning running my legs got tangled up and I bit the concrete and busted up my palms catching my fall on the road running back to my car. In front off about a dozen people. At least I made there day. Got in my car and put it in gear and got back to my boxes. The lady's daughter had showed up and I thanked her for watching my suff.

About half way home I was talking with Crystal on the phone and realized I wasn't wearing my glasses! Fuck, and double fuck! I obviously lost them when I fell like a spastic fool running to the car. I had only eaten a couple crackers all day and it was 2:30, there was no way I was going to turn around and look for them. Luckily I haven't bought a new pair this year so I'll be all good on my insurance. Crystal promptly got me an eye doc appointment tomorrow morning at 10:30am. Sweet!

The Puma Tent Sale continues this weekend in Westford, MA.
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm.

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