Bye For Now Worcester.....

So tonight is the final evening in the condo that never came to be in the Webster Square area of Worcester. I'll miss some of the features and roominess of this place, but Crystal and I are both very excited to put our own stamp on our unit @ University Park Lofts.

Closing at University Park won't be until a shade after mid June, so we will be spending a few nomadic weeks back and forth between CT and work and maybe a few evenings spent in Fall River as well. But three weeks will go by in a flash.

Internet service might be somewhat sketchy the next few weeks, as life and living arrangements will be topsy turvy.

It was just announced today that Worcester edged out Providence to regain the title of the 2nd most populated city in New England behind Boston, but we will be leaving town for the next 3 weeks or so, before rejoining the ranks of Worcesterites around the 20th of June.

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