Hello Hello....

Howdy strangers.

Getting in a quick post while grabbing lunch. I've had no wireless access since the move on 7/1, but the good news is that Crystal and I did sign the P&S for the new plac earlier this week and the closing date is still looking like 7/19. So basically posts will be lacking for the month of July, and in the month of August there should be plenty of pics and postings regarding the painting of the loft, decorating, furniture delivery etc.

In ways the time away from the computer in the evenings has been good the past couple weeks, not like I have had all that much time anyway. Between the longer commute, the two jobs, the fact that my clothes are here there and everywhere things have been quite hectic. Oh, and I lost my wallet! my license, all my credit cards etc.... So that has been a bitch as well! The credit cards have been trickling in through the mail, but the one I really need is my debit card, and that has yet to arrive. So I have been a throwback the past few weeks, with no home internet access to speak of and having to go into the bank and deal with an actual teller!!! Oh the horrors!!!

Other than that, same shit different day! Off to see Sage Francis in Providence tonight and then the Brimfield Antique show one day this weekend.

4rilla out!

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