It's official...

So the closing went off without a hitch on Tuesday. That means Crystal and I are homeowners/loftowners/condo owners! We have been sleeping here each night since, got the cable turned on, sofa delivered, washer dryer delivered and installed on Thursday.

Between Friday evening and this morning we made 4 trips from storage, getting out some of the bigger items that were coming into the new space along with kitchen stuff, the rest of our clothes and some other odds and ends. It is nice to have a dumpster again and we have been feeding it plenty of cardboard in the first week.

There are some old metal doors and some other smaller old mill equipment in my underground parking space, but they should have that out of there in a few days. Dropped $450.00 at Home Depot tonight on paint and supplies, a ladder and a wet dry vac.

The picture you see is of the sleeping area that is our paint project for tomorrow. Pics of the room painted to follow.

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