Loft Update

So the closing was supposed to be yesterday, "supposed to be" being the key words.

Well for whatever reason there was a problem with the way the smoke detectors in the unit were hooked up to the main system, which meant no fire certificate could be issued, which means the closing is now pushed back to Tuesday of next week.

Crystal had already set up delivery of the washer and dryer and cable install for this weekend so we had to shuffle those around. So no moving and painting this weekend, one more weekend spent in CT and we are hopeful there will be no more glitches and this close can happen on Tuesday. It beeter because we have set up all our deliveries and cable switch on for Thursday.

Kinda sucks to get possesion of the place mid-week rather than right before the weekend, but oh well what can you do.... In the big scheme of things a couple more days waiting is no big deal.

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