Rooftop Views

Crystal and I spent a portion on the late afternoon up on the roof here at home. An amazing cloudless and sunshiny final day of September and just chillin up on the roof was a great way to catch some final summer rays before the brisk air moves in within the coming weeks.

Jeez, these roofdecks better be completed for the spring of 08, or I will be quite pissed off.

Our building is certainly in the "urban core" of Main South, but all in all it is awfully quiet up there and somewhat voyeuristic as nobody on street level knows that you are up there at all.

I broke out the zoom on my camera and took some shots of the goings on in some of the 3 deckers below. One house across the way was having quite a party out on the driveway complete with a Casio keyboard and a handful of guys singing songs in Cambodian or Vietnamese or something similar. They must of had 20 rugrats running around out there.

Crystal liked the smell of what these guys were cooking.

These kids were enjoying the last days of summer and messing around near the train tracks.

It's not all ghetto-fab as we also get some nice views of Holy Cross.

And Union Station off in the distance.

And after watching the weather this evening the good weather is looking to hang out another week, with 70's all week and into the weekend. Not your typical first days of October weather here in Massachusetts.

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Chris said...

If by "messing around the train tracks" you really mean "filming an episode of Cops", then I would have to agree.