Sparks Ignite What's Next East Coast Dates

The Spark's Ignite What's Next street art tour rolled up the west coast in September, and after a week and a half break the dates and locations for the east coast tour have been announced.

This tour is sponsored by Spark's, the cough syrup/caffeine/alcoholic beverage that is big in my abode. David Choe and Saber paint live at a variety of different in store events, topped of by a nightclub event, with drinks dancing and more painting.

Check out both David Choe and Saber on flickr, also there is an in-depth recap of all the events on
with tons of pics. I've been following the tour on the Juxtapoz site and admiring the photos as they seem to put up mind bending installation after mind bending installation.

David Choe is blowing up as of late and he is showing at LAZ in London in early 2008. Steve Lazarides is Banksy's dealer and LAZ has put on shows for Banksy, Faile, Antony Micallef and many others.

To see Choe create pieces on the fly should be an amazing time. Crystal and I will totally be going to the Boston event.

Choe Wiki
Choe dot com

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