One down one to go!

Wow, no posts in a week.

I suck. Playoff baseball has had the better of me over the past week. I've been too distracted to post in the evening. I had intentions of doing some blog maintenance today but never got around to it after watching Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker pick apart the Miami Dolphins.

It's 8:02 and I'm about to settle in and watch the Sox and Indians in game 7 of the ALCS. I'm expecting the bats to stay red hot tonight and Dice-K to pitch 6 innings and give up 4 runs. Red Sox win 9 to 6 and advance to face Colorado. Just my .02.

The Red Sox and the MLB business have been giving me heartburn the past week but it is all good in the quest for October glory.

Also Crystal and I went to the Celtics vs. NJ Nets game at the DCU center on Friday night. This was the game that got called at halftime due to condensation on the court and unsafe conditions. I had my camera on me and got down on the court for the madness that was the supposed autograph session as a make good for the game cancellation as well as some shots of the angry mob requesting refunds at the ticket gate after the game. The DCU should have made the refund announcement sooner and people wouldn't have been as irate.

Also the service was crazy slow to get your tickets at will call on the way in and the concession service was just as slow. I will admit the new bar that they added seems pretty sleek, the service there was better and it provides a great vantage point for a hockey game. I look forward to taking in a Shark's game from that area.

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