World Series Prediction

I won't get home from work tomorrow until shortly after game one of The World Series has already started so I figured I better get my prediction out there and timestamped now.

Sox in 6.

That means they win the World Series at home in front of the Fenway faithful. I'll be sitting, standing and pacing around the house biting my fingernails for the duration, but as I sit here right now I have a plenty good feeling that the Sox can pull thru in 6. Not to say that the wheels can't fall off the wagon and the whole thing goes to shit, because we have certainly been there and done that in the past!

It's a shame that injury has forced the Sox elder statesman Tim Wakefield out of the World Series lineup, and interesting to see that Theo's flop acquisition of Eric Gagne did make it onto the World Series roster. Now let's see if Tito ever has the stones to use him in the series. And if he does let's all hope that he can step up when it counts and wash away all the missteps that he has gone thru the past two months.

Let the Fall Classic begin.

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