The Green is Back!!!

Wow... Just saw the highlights of the Celtics beating the Nuggets by 27 points tonight.
After what I just saw I thought I better go on the record and proclaim that the Celts will take the Eastern Division crown. I don't mind a reason to watch a team that went from being the dynasty of my middle school years to irrelevant in the 2000's, up until now.

Oh and the Red Sox won the World Series.
And the Patriots are 9-0.
And even the Bruins are looking ok at 7-5-2.
And if you think soccer is a sport the New England revolution face off against the Chicago Fire tomorrow and the winner goes to the MLS championship.

Not too shabby.

I cleaned up my blogroll this evening, got rid of some dead links, and finally added some "Worcester-centric" blogs that I have been reading for far too long without giving them the proper recognition.

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