The Two Minute Movie Review

It is Saturday night and Crystal and I have taken in two movies in the past 36 hours. One in the theater and one on dvd via Redbox.

Last night we went out and saw "Dan In Real Life", what a friggen yawnfest. It left both Crystal and I underwhelmed, pulling no more than one laugh out of us the length of the film. It was sort of cutesy, but far from funny.

I picked up Transformers on dvd today on the way home from work. I know Crystal had voiced some indifference to the movie and really wasn't too keen on seeing it any time soon. Later in the afternoon she asked if I wanted to see if their were any movies On Demand and I mentioned that I had rented Transformers. It was a windy rainy ass day here and the afternoon was made for watching a movie. So we each made a bowl of soup and settled in for the movie.

I think I can say that we both liked Transformers more than we would have expected. The mix of the campiness of the main story line, the government and Sector 7 and the stunning visuals blended well. I'm not a big SciFi fan or Transformers from back in the day but the movie was well done and well worth the $1.00 rental.

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