Nintendo Wii, Obvioulsy The Must Have for Christmas

So I've had my eye on the Wii for a while now, but had always thought I would end up with a Playstation III before a Wii. But after months of hearing so much good shit about the Wii on blogs, the internet as a whole I figured it was time to say the hell with the Playstation and get myself a Wii and join the cool kid club.

Last weekend Crystal and I were doing the Sunday morning food shopping at Super Wal-Mart. That's right I admit it, I do buy groceries at Wal-Mart. I'm know fucking Daddy Warbucks so a guy has to save a few bucks wherever he can. So we swung thru the electronics section and a dad was there buying a Wii, and the store only had two remaining. The kid working said they had sold 7 of them in the first three hours the store was open. I knew once Thnaksgiving rolled around they would be impossible to find so we picked one up.

Today I went to Best Buy at lunch to buy a couple games. I was in Best Buy for 20 minutes tops, and I saw 5 Wii's get sold. They had all the different models of Playstation III stacked up in various displays and formations on the sales floor and you might think that the PS3 boxes were filled with dirty hypodermic needles because everyone was staying away. The Playstation and XBox game aisles were deserted and you could barely get around the parents and grandparents that were looking at games to buy for the holidays.

So the first day Crystal bought Mario 8 and the system came with Wii Sports. Yesterday I picked up Battalion Wars II and Thrillville. I played Battalion Wars last night for about two hours and thought it was pretty cool. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but that is to be expected as it certainly is not the way I have played video games from the Atari 2600 to Atari 5200, to Sega Genesis or Playstation.

Anyone have any good game recommendations? How are the sports games to play? Those are usually my preference.

And with that said I'm off to play Battalion Wars a bit more.


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