Worcester Restaurant Review- The Belfry

The Belfry
59 Blackstone River Rd.
Worcester, MA 01607

Crystal and I ended up at The Belfry for the first time last night almost as a last resort, but what a happy last resort it turned out to be. It began with me just wanting a burger and we headed to Red Robin in Millbury, unfortunately Red Robin was already packed to the gills with families and such and there were tons of people waiting. Neither of us were in any mood to stand around and stare at mom and dad and their 2.5 kids while we waited for a table so we bolted out of there.

Headed towards Shrewsbury St. but everything seemed pretty busy and we were dressed pretty casual thinking that we were just heading to Red Robin and all so I suggested that we check out The Belfry for the first time. I drive by there everyday on the way to work and the place looks interesting, considering that it was an old church that was moved to it's current location, but there never seemed to be anything to draw you in for a visit.

However, The Belfry was reviewed in this week's Worcester Magazine and gave me a glimpse of what the restaurant was all about. I had a good feeling that there would be no wait and we were both hungry at this point, so on to The Belfry it was.

The Belfry features an open kitchen off to the left behind a nice wooden bar that features seating for about a dozen. The dining room had about a dozen tables as well and about half of them were occupied during our visit. You can certainly tell you are sitting in what was once a church with the style of the windows and the ceiling.

I knew that this was was Greek restaurant, but fear not, there are plenty of American standards, including burgers mixed in with a menu that features souvlaki, tiropita, dolmades and spanakopita.

Crystal ordered the spanakopita which filled her plate and she called creamy and delicious. She ate every bite. I settled on the chicken kebobs which featured 5 nice sized pieces of chicken grilled to perfection along with peppers and onions. A side or green beans and a hearty portion of rice rounded out the dinner.

The waitstaff was attentive and knowledgeable and after eating we found out that their dessert menu was quite large, with multiple varieties of cake, cheesecake and puddings. Crystal had some terrific rice pudding which was still warm and brought a smile to her face. I had a generous sized piece of peanut butter pie. Yum yum. This was not some artificial tasting peanut butter pie. This was the real deal. Creamy and smooth a great way to end the meal.

The meal was $38.00 including desert, not bad at all for a Saturday night meal. And I was happy to support local business and check out an establishment that I drive by daily.

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Punky said...

I use to live like 3 doors down from this place, I love going there for breakfast.